Tuesday, June 21, 2011

And so I take the plunge....

So after many months of blog following, giveaway entries, and general blog addiction I've decided to take the plunge myself into blogging.  Okay, so granted this is really best described as sticking my big toe in to test the waters rather than a full on plunge but one must start somewhere, yes?

At worst, this will give me a place where I can talk about my life, express my fears and downfalls, and generally just be.  I'll warn you now, I've always been a painfully forthright communicator.  This is not always a good thing!  Because all that really means is that often the edit button between my brain and mouth (or my fingers in this case) disappears. 

But here I plan to embrace my opinions and thoughts as my own.  They may not be "right," but they will always be my own and truths to me at that moment.


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