Friday, July 1, 2011

Prayers for Baby Katie!

Ever just have a news story touch you deeply?  This happened to me yesterday.  I was in the kitchen, holding my 5 month old son and playing kissy face trying to distract him while his bottle was warming.  I heard on the news about an Amber Alert for a 4 month old missing girl in Ludington.  Holding my boy and knowing they were so close in age, my heart began to physically ache.

After I fed him, and put him down for a snooze, I looked up more of the story online and was horrified to learn that it is feared Baby Katie was left somewhere outside unattended by her possible "father" after a fight with her mother.  Now, I all can imagine is that poor lovely girl abandoned and alone in the woods.  I cannot imagine the fear, nor can I imagine she'll survive much longer.

Here's a link to several news articles on the matter.,0,3582599.story

Maybe it's because Mouse is so close in age that I'm so affected by this.  I don't honestly know, but I'm truly heartsick for this lovely innocent baby.   My one request this afternoon if you happen upon my little blog, is that you pray that Katie is found SOON!  The imagined sound of an abandoned infant screaming alone in the woods haunts me, as it should all of us.

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