Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I'm not THAT lazy! Why the Christmas Wreath is still on the Front Door.

Any visitor may notice that the Christmas/Winter Wreath is still on the front door.  I admit to being a tad late on switching out for a spring wreath but laziness is NOT the cause of it still being up.

When I went to take it down, I found that a lovely wren had decided that my wreath would make the best place in the universe for her to make a nest.  In short order, there were 3 eggs in that nest.  Many a times since, I chuckled to hear her scold me when I've opened the door for a guest or a delivery.  I've done my best to use the side doors when possible instead of disturbing her little abode.

Today, I checked the nest and was tickled to find...BABIES!

So it seems it will have to stay Christmas on my front door until these little darlings take to wing.  The door will indeed need a good cleaning and frankly...that wreath is hitting the trash when they're gone.  Hopefully I can get that screen door I've been wanting installed before next spring.

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